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My first event table!

9/24/10 Event Table I just had my first event table today at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Pasta and Relax event that my church held at Gilda’s Club.  What a great time!  I was so excited to speak to so many women who know and understand how potentially harmful some of the products we use can be.  I was also glad that I was able to share some information with other women who did not know that so many of the products we use are riddled with harmful chemicals.  

Above and beyond the reality of the fact that this is a business, this event just solidified the fact that my passion is more than just about changing my financial future, but it’s about the fact that I want us all to be more aware of the things we put in and on our bodies.  Become an ingredient detective!  Know what you’re putting in your mouth and on your body – make sure that it’s not something that will cause you harm after years of build-up in your system.  

As I always say – this isn’t necessarily about being an organic fanatic, but it’s about making informed decisions about the things you chose to expose yourself and your family to.  Even if you can’t totally remove all chemicals from your life, we can all make incremental decisions about how much we expose ourselves to these chemicals in a day.  The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time!  Make small steps each day and you’ll be well on your way to reclaiming your health!

One of the principles discussed in the field of marketing is the ‘garbage-in, garbage-out’ principle.  When conducting market research, if you put garbage in, you get garbage as the output.  The same follows for our bodies.  You put garbage in it, you can’t expect anything good to come out of it.  Cancer, fatigue, overweight…just a few of the many things that happens when we don’t feed our bodies with food and products that are free from man-made chemicals. 

This was a great day – I’m so glad I made the change, and look forward to more individuals making the decision to go organic!  Stay tuned for more of my business updates as time progresses – I have an organic living article that will be in a local magazine, as well as advertisement spots on a local organic/natural living website!  Very exciting.

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September 25th, 2010
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