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Organic living transition – you CAN do it!

Word to the wise…be organically prepared!

Here is an important word to the wise. When trying to lead an organic lifestyle, always be prepared for your meals for the day! It’s amazing how the world of food and products changes when you make conscious decisions to read the labels and know what you’re digesting or putting on your body.

I had plans for what dinner was going to be (grilled tilapia salad…very simple, and one of my favorites! I’ll tell you more about that in another post – don’t frown until you’ve tasted it 🙂 ). Unfortunately, I had to leave work and go to the hospital for a family member. Normally, I carry with me a pouch of organic green tea and some packets of Stevia to tide me over just in case I’m in a pinch. Today that little pouch was nowhere to be found. Argh!

So, I decide to make my way to the dreaded cafeteria. Number one: It was closed. Number two: the items they had laying out for late-comers looked either unpalatable or undesirable or unhealthy (At a hospital, you say?? No way! YES way!) So, my aunt and I decide to travel outside of the hospital to whatever was near and convenient. My options? McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Checker’s, Taco Bell, KFC. What was I thinking? Convenient and healthy don’t tend to go hand in hand. Today, the good fight was lost. Hunger tko’d organic living. Down goes Frazier.

I ended up having Taco Bell. I tried to be as close to healthy as I could and chose the new soft shell corn tacos they now have on the menu. Considering what the other options were – I think that was a good choice calorie-wise. Each taco was wrapped in two soft corn shells, so I did away with the unnecessary outer layer. The outer layer was unnecessary because there was nothing but a very small portion of meat, onions and cilantro in the taco. The problem is who knows what processing those ingredients went through and I’m sure I got a ridiculous dose of sodium. But it was a lesson learned. Always be prepared for the inevitable moment when you won’t be able to make it home to cook your own meals.

Now, let me make this little caveat – I am not living a 100% organic life. That is ultimately my goal, but for now, my goal is to try my best to make organic, healthy choices when I am presented with the opportunity. I am certainly not perfect and have a number of areas that I need to continue to work on. The reality is that unless I move to a farm where I start from the ground up, there are just times when it’s inevitable that I won’t be able to always make organic or even healthy choices. But there are definitely things I can be thinking of in advance to prepare myself for the day so that I don’t succumb to that little person inside of me who enjoyed the pleasures of fast food and chemical-laiden products. Remember, this is a journey, that may take some time to get to the final destination.

So, the question of the day is…what things do you keep with you at work, or in your little black bag as your ‘just in case’ meal, snack or drink? Or do you succumb and make the convenient or easy choice? And don’t worry, I won’t judge you 🙂 We can all grow and learn together!

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August 4th, 2010
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