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What’s for Lunch?

Alright internet world, here’s another lunch I decided to share with you all.  It was VERY yummy to me and my daughter! 

Turkey Cranberry Sandwich

102910 Lunch


(I’m not giving exact measurements…use however much or little satisfies your taste buds)

  • Organic Multi-grain Bread
  • Shaved Mesquite Honey Turkey from the deli counter (not organic – I haven’t yet found an organic sliced lunch meat locally – at least not one that I’d like to try)
  • Organic Baby Lettuce Mix
  • Organic Dried Cranberries
  • Salad Dressing (something similar to Miracle Whip – I’m still attempting to use up a jar of non-organic dressing before I buy any new)
  • Organic Mozzarella Cheese


I started with a hot, dry griddle, and placed a slice of bread on the griddle (I just wanted a hot sandwich, but not grilled with butter).  Next I spread salad dressing on the bread that was on the griddle, then covered it with a few slices of shaved turkey.  Atop that, I placed a handful of the baby lettuce, strategically placed a number of cranberries on top of that, then using my hand grater, I grated off some of the block mozzarella cheese.  Next, I took another piece of bread, spread salad dressing on it, then placed it on top (salad dressing side down, of course).    By this time, the bottom slice of bread was nice and toasty, so I flipped the entire sandwich over, and let it toast until it was very lightly toasted.  Cut in half, and served with organic gala apples…yum, yum, yum! 

Do you have a yummy sandwich recipe to share?  Or if you’ve tried this recipe, please share in the comment box below!

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October 29th, 2010
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