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Be an ingredient detective

MP900178861[1] The headline reads: “Ben & Jerry’s to drop ‘All Natural’ from labels”.  The “All Natural” label is being removed because there are ingredients in the ice cream that are not actually natural.  For some, this may have been a surprise, but for me, it wasn’t. 

Greenwashing is what corporations do when they try to make themselves look more environmentally friendly than they really are.  There are a number of foods and products on the market that mislead consumers with their labeling.  Some don’t even bother putting the words ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ on their products, they create hype by doing things such as making their package green or putting pictures of nature or fruits & vegetables on their labels when the actual ingredients list is far from what is being portrayed.  So, even when I find a product that is labeled ‘natural’ or ‘organic’, I still flip the package over to see what the truth is.  Here are some tips to help you determine the difference between hype and the truth.


True-straight Hype or Truth – How to figure out the difference!

  1. Don’t fall for slick marketing campaigns. The words “organic” and “natural” don’t mean anything… Check the ingredients yourself.
  2. Don’t fall for false claims… i.e. “pure, safe and beneficial” Check the ingredients yourself
  3. Beware of “derived from” on ingredient labels. Even though it may be “derived from coconut” which sounds natural, harsh and dangerous solvents such as formaldehyde, are used for extraction.
  4. Become an ingredient detective… see my toxic ingredient directory to find out the harmful effects of synthetic chemicals.
  5. If you can’t find the synthetic chemical in the “toxic ingredient directory”, go to this takes you to SIRI (Safety Information Resources, Inc) an Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) website. You can search chemicals via manufacturer name or ingredient, company or product name.
  6. Look for 3rd party organic certification, such as USDA, ACO, JAS – this is the only way you can be SURE no harmful synthetic ingredients or harmful pesticides have been used!

How often do you check the ingredients list, or do you assume based on words like “natural’ or ‘organic’ on the product label that it means the item must be good and not bother checking the ingredient list?

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September 28th, 2010
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