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A woman enters a sunlit garden filled with beautiful colors and aromas swirlling around her. Just ahead there is a group of individuals sitting in a circle. She shyly walks in as they welcome her into the space. She can’t believe that she has blindly walked past this group time and time again – waving them off with disinterest – sometimes even in disdain. Not long ago, she was the consumate consumer. Never even thinking twice about it. Now, she stands in the middle of this crowd of like-minded individuals and declares “Hi, My name is Tarra, and I’m an organic junkie”. The crowd bellows back in unison “Welcome, Tarra!”

Of course this is a fictional story. But not long ago I was one of those people who would balk at anything organic. My disdain was based on 100% lack of knowledge. I would turn my nose up and say “Organic??!! What’s IN it? I don’t want that…I WANT chemicals”…as if knowing chemicals in the product somehow made it ok to consume!

Well, over a period of time, my eyes have been opened more and more to this new world (new to me) of organic living. It’s been such an interesting journey that I decided to chronicle my journey in a blog as I slowly transition one step at a time into a more organic lifestyle. If you also would like to make this journey with me – please do come along. If you’re just thinking about it, and want to see how it goes for me, that’s fine too. I will share my challenges, successes, and provide reviews of some of my favorite food & products.

I’m excited and afraid all at the same time! When I look back to a year ago, I would have never believed that I would be touting the praises of organic living. Nevertheless, I’m glad I made the transition, and I’m looking forward to this journey.

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